Crusading for more College Bound Kids

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Not all Learners wear capes

Onward We Learn is a non-profit that works to help children become the first in their families to attend college. Beginning in 6th grade, the organization works with students and their families to provide social, emotional, and academic resources and guidance.

Illustration of a family in their living room with a young child in an alligator tee shirt.

Even after students enroll in college, their mentors are still available to help them navigate the complexities of financial aid applications and choosing the right curriculum. Having experienced some of ImageThink’s work with the Rhode Island Foundation, Onward We Learn approached us to help them craft a hand-animated explainer video to educate and attract people to the program.

Shaping the story

Critical to the success of Onward We Learn’s mission is early recruitment. As is sometimes the case when an organization has an undeniable mission and heaps of heartwarming success stories to share, whittling down the story to its nucleus can be a challenge.

Before digital pen could touch tablet, the ImageThink team helped Onward We Learn to craft their inspiring narrative into a format suitable to the attention spans of the ever-fickle internet audience. Leaning on our years of listening, distilling, and synthesizing key ideas to their visual essence, ImageThink was able to help Onward We Learn shape, script, and animate its message.

Moving pictures

ImageThink’s studio team developed, then animated, a series of illustrated scenes that helped to tell Onward We Learn’s story through human, emotional, and approachable imagery.

The final video was recorded in both Spanish and English to reach Onward We Learn’s primary demographic. A powerful tool to share on social channels, their website, and in short presentations with potential applicants, the final video communicates Onward We Learn’s wholesome, engaging, and heartwarming story in a fun, gentle, visual way.

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