American Luxury Jeweler

At an inflection point with a new CEO and shrinking market share, an American luxury brand hosted a leadership development program for its executive team. The objective was to align senior leaders around the new CEO’s vision at a critical time of change for this historic company.

Graphic of ImageThink Method - Engage phase

Identifying and Memorializing Culture Challenges

ImageThink visualized several leadership planning sessions focused on a luxury jeweler brand’s internal culture. The topics surrounding internal culture were sensitive, but became approachable when leaders could reflect back upon the visual synthesis, which translated difficult challenges into approachable group metaphors. The visuals provided a neutral conduit and solid record to objectively examine and distill workplace challenges.

The resulting conversations were so robust, that it promoted a shift in the agenda to focus on challenging conversations about organizational culture and leadership.

Leaning Into Difficult Conversations in Leadership Planning

The ImageThink team facilitated intimate working groups, directing leaders through the rich conversations and insights of the previous days. Our team coached each group to identify areas critical to the company’s success, and potential roadblocks. We then designed an idea marketplace where each working group could propose ideas, review, and provide feedback to each other. The result was a cohesive, fully outlined plan and aligned team.

Collaborating with the group, ImageThink graphic facilitators translated the leadership planning team’s identified areas into a powerful visual metaphor. The last day of the session, each leadership planning team presented their visual strategy and materials to the C- Suite for review.

Energized, Aligned, and Eager

A visual metaphor created for ImageThink's client's leadership planning. The metaphor depicts leadership planning culture.

Thank you Nora Herting and the ImageThink Team for your amazing partnership this week. We could not have delivered such an engaging and inspiring leadership experience without you.

Head of Global Talent

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