AGFA Healthcare was set to debut their groundbreaking Digital Radiography System at the RSNA Trade Show and wanted to capture the attention of senior leadership in Radiology departments who’d be in attendance. What better way to highlight medical imaging and intelligent radiography than with a visual approach from ImageThink?

Graphic of ImageThink Method - Engage phase

AGFA: Innovators of Medical Imaging

For more than a century, AGFA Healthcare has developed analog and digital imaging tools, software, and IT to serve and empower the healthcare community. They are known most notably for being one of the first to bring Enterprise Imaging to market. Their Enterprise Imaging Platform provides multi-specialty ecosystems of digital health solutions in which images are available to all care members that in turn, improve the quality of the patient experience, and drive better operational and financial outcomes.

At the Radiological Society of North America’s (RSNA) Conference, AGFA was set to appear and debut their cutting-edge Digital Radiography System. Hundreds of attendees were expected to be in attendance, and a multitude of booths would compete for their attention. Accordingly, AGFA needed a surefire way to capture the hearts and minds of the crowd. In the spirit of medical imaging and radiography, they turned to their visual partner, ImageThink.

ImageThink has long provided visual support for AGFA – at previous RSNA Conferences and HIMSS events. Our previous collaborations have sparked creativity and conversations surrounding patient engagement and diagnostic imaging in the life science space. Through social listening and analog graphic recording, we’ve made AGFA’s work shine, while also enabling meaningful, long-lasting relationships.

ImageThink partners with AGFA to capture key ideas at RSNA17.

Healthcare made visible, medically and illustratively

Over a three-day conference stretch, ImageThink developed a captivating visual installation exclusive to AGFA’s booth. The installation consisted of two parts: daily visualized conference agendas and finalized boards from ImageThink’s graphic recording service.

Each day, ImageThink graphic recorders created visual agendas containing rundowns of session topics and spotlight speakers. The agendas prompted attendees to swing by AGFA’s booth for a daily itinerary, opening the door for introduction.

A visualized agenda of daily trade show topics created by ImageThink for AGFA.

Further, ImageThink developed daily visual summaries, incorporating conference taglines and key elements from speaker presentations. Similar to how the agendas would drive traffic to AGFA’s booth at the start of each day, the finalized ImageThink boards would cause attendees to circle back to see the visualized outputs from each lecture.

With the daily visualized agendas and ImageThink’s graphic recording working in joint effort to attract the conference crowd, AGFA would create an undeniable buzz from their impressive trade show booth. Compelling, visualized messages would help draw the attention of their target audience, bringing AGFA’s medical imagery innovation to the forefront.

A graphic recording of the future of healthcare, created by ImageThink for AGFA.

Empowering connections with visuals

The compelling visual installation worked as intended: RSNA’s near 25,000 attendees flocked to AGFA’s booth. The result was more than thoughtful, innovative illustrations. It was a key element for sparking conversation among AGFA reps and leading radiology attendees.

With all eyes on their display, AGFA shared the value of diagnostic imaging and demonstrated AGFA’s diagnostic imaging systems with professionals in the radiology space. Our partnership enabled AGFA to fill their pipeline, making connections to ensure longstanding business relationships. Additionally, AGFA’s innovations were amplified tenfold by the power of visualization.

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