ImageThink was an incredible resource for a multi-day workshop we ran around Human Robot Interaction. We had a number of brainstorming sessions throughout the workshop and ImageThink’s talented Visual Strategists helped ground the brainstorming conversations in common themes while also surprisingly highlighting perspectives in the conversation that may have been previously overlooked without their help. Through their ability to visualize the dynamic conversations happening across 12+ experts in each session, we were able to land at a spot where everyone had a clear and synthesized idea of the common themes we were discussing. The final deliverables from ImageThink are not only beautiful, they will be highly useful visual artifacts to help the workshop participants have grounded materials to continue to discuss as we progress on developing new projects and areas of research. I strongly believe the entire workshop would not have been as successful without the help of ImageThink!

Corbin Cunningham PhD Staff UX Research LeadGoogle

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