Project Recap: Microsoft Mix11

After seeing our graphic recording at SXSW Interactive, the Microsoft Event team for Mix11 invited ImageThink to create live visuals of the Keynote Speakers at Mix11 held at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

It was a 3,000 person audience. Those not sitting in the front rows, could see us working on on six giant screens. As attendee’s took their seats in the 3,000 room, we kept the anticipation up as we created a live mural highlighting themes of the conference on the center stage.

Microsoft Mix 11

Sharon Chan for the Seattle Times snapped this pictures of us at work during the keynote speakers. Read Sharon’s full write-up about our participation here

Heather Willems graphic records Mix Keynote Speaker Scott Gutherie
Nora Herting graphic records Mix Keynote Speakers

Heather Willem’s graphic record of Keynote Speakers Nora Herting’s graphic record of Keynote Speakers

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