Nora’s SXSW Highlights

After 3 conferences, 74 panels and 20 breakfast tacos, Heather and I are back from SXSW to the relative quiet of Brooklyn, New York.

For those of you who weren’t able to make it out to Austin, TX you can view all of the panels we graphic facilitated as part of Ogilvynotes here

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Nora Herting scribing for the Saturday SXSW Interactive Keynote

While each of the graphic recorders we worked with supported different session, I did notice themes emerging. The biggest one was gaming as a platform for solving social challenges, exemplified by Seth Priebatsch’s keynote.

He spoke of the game layer as the new innovation replacing the innovation of the social layer (facebook). According to Priebatsch, the game layer is the solution to many social problems, including education and global warming.

Another theme was around an open and generous approach to marketing and customer relations. TED gave a talk entitled “Radical Openness, Growing TED by Giving it Away” My favorite session was given by the very enthusiastic and blunt Gary Vaynerchuck about his new book The Thank You economy.

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Gary inspired the full ballroom at the Austin Convention Center by imploring us to have a human, caring approach to our business and our customers. He predicts that the “humanization of business” will be the new
trend. Sounds good to me!

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