Meet the ImageThink Team – Maricia du Plessis


This week, we have our fabulous Project Manager: Maricia du Plessis! She is the first point of contact with the clients, so if you’ve called us in the past – you’ve probably spoken to her on the phone already! Maricia is the true fashionista at our office! We all strive to look our best just to keep up with her! The little drawings of her showcase her past hair-do, while the central image of her features her delightful new do! Die Antwoord is also featured in her image, the unique Rap/Rave duo of Ninja and Yolandi from South Africa.

Maricia loves her smoothie, which consists of: Blueberry, Almond Butter, Milk, and Banana.

We would be lost without the tireless efforts of Maricia, her talent shines in every project that comes to ImageThink. From the initial job calls, through the completion of the events, and beyond!

Thank you, Maricia!

We’ll be posting a new graphic interview every week! Stay tuned and get to know the team (past and present), our subcontractors and even some of our clients!

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