Meet the ImageThink Team – Amanda Melnick


Amanda Melnick was our previous Project Manager for a number of years.  Her background is in peace studies, speech, and language pathology.

Regarding peace studies, Berkley describes their program; “Peace & Conflict Studies (PACS) introduces students to the study of peace, conflict, and world order from social, economic, political, historical, and ecological dimensions. Integral to the study is an analysis of the structures and processes of change. Students are encouraged to recognize the linkage between the academic study of peace and active participation in it. Since the causes of conflict and the processes of peace are multifaceted and complex, students are expected to approach their study from the perspective of a number of disciplines. They must also define and develop a central theme or concentration to explore in depth.”

A good project manager stays calm! Her wealth of previous start-up business experience also made her a wonderful project manager for us at ImageThink. She has since transitioned out of state, but we all miss her very much!

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