Liisa Sorsa: Graphic Facilitator partnering with the Ogilvy and ImageThink SXSW Team!

Liisa Sorsa created this fantastic visual summary for

Being an employer of choice is about more than the money

The difference between a good and a great organisation boils down to the human factor. Many studies have shown that an organisation’s success depends on the physical, mental and emotional well being of its employees.

We met Liisa at an IFVP conference in 2009 in Toronto and we are delighted to be working with her at SXSW this week! Please make sure to follow our work here and at the on the OgilvyNotes page!

Liisa is an experienced facilitator, graphic recorder and visual language expert. Her goal is to help people to visualize concepts and turns complex problems into easy to understand models.

As a visual language expert, Liisa has worked with a wide range of clients – from Fortune 500s, to government agencies and non-profit organizations. Her ability to listen, sythesize key themes, and draw them into detailed graphic charts brings a sense of clarity to the group which allows people to make connections with the many vantage points in the room.

She has a background in telecommunications where she was part of a team that created a collaborative work program where she played a key role in the design of several collaborative centers.

Check out more of her work on her website:

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