Introducing Andrew Federman: Google ThinkMobile. E-learning Saudi Arabia. SXSW2011

Andrew FedermanAndrew Federman!

We love Andrew Federman!

Where to start!?! Andrew Federman is a New York City-based photographer and cinematographer. We met Andrew about six years ago when we were all working at CapGemini’s Accelerated Solutions Environment (where we were first introduced to Graphic Recording) and we have been friends ever since!

We wanted to call attention to Andrew and his work this week because we are working on several projects together this month. At Google ThinkMobile 2011 he took amazing event photos, tomorrow he and Nora leave NYC to scribe in Saudi Arabia for the E-Learning Convention, and he will be our Production Lead at SXSW2011!

Here is a little about the events coming up!

Google ThinkMobile 2011

ThinkMobile gathered it’s top marketing executives, industry visionaries, and agency leaders to discuss all things mobile. If you missed it….you can catch up here with event photos and Nora’s scribing!

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Our friends at AlphaChimp invited Nora to graphic facilitate the presentations on mobile technology. Click to see Andrew’s photo highlights from the conference.

Saudi Arabia: E-Learning Convention

Tomorrow Nora and Andrew head off to Riyadh to graphic facilitate the conversations. It is ImageThink’s first time in Saudi Arabia so we are happy that Andrew is able to join us on this adventure!

The vision of the conference is to explore Unique learning for next generation and the development of e-learning in the pursuit of the authentic goals of a knowledge-based society.

Their mission is presenting scientific views, global experiences, and modern technologies in the field of e-learning and distance education.

SXSW Interactive 2011

ImageThink, sponsored by Ogilvy, will be graphic facilitating for all of the keynote speakers at SXSW Interactive in Austin, TX. You can see us in action March 12, 13 and 14th. Come by the day stage and take home your own free printed edition of all the visuals.

Andrew will be managing the digital production of the graphic facilitation: photographing, cleaning and posting the scribing like a mad man so be sure to check back to see all of the boards from the conference.

Here is a sneak peak!

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