Work Better by Working Visually

As visual strategists, we help teams capture ideas, work more creatively, and communicate more clearly, by taking advantage of the brain’s natural preference for visual information.

What is ImageThink?

Ideas → Pictures → Action

Like all great art, graphic recording helps people make connections and tells a story.

Unlock Potential with Pictures

At ImageThink, we believe in the power of thinking and working visually. By encouraging high-performing teams to think like artists, we see more creativity, clearer communication, and better follow-through.

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Hybrid meetings can be as productive as in-person or fully remote sessions, with proper planning

Better Meetings = Fewer Meetings

By capturing key insights, assigning action items and owners, and charting a literal path forward, visual meetings result in better engagement, alignment, and fewer meetings overall.

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A Method to the Madness

Developed by ImageThink CEO and Founder Nora Herting, this proprietary framework applies visual theory, graphic facilitation, and design thinking in strategic ways to move major initiatives forward.

Our Method

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