ImageThink x Salesforce

Working with Pioneer and Trailblazer accounts, ImageThink visuals empower account leads to focus on their clients needs and goals, deepening the partnership, and providing a powerful visual roadmap to success and growth.

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ImageThink x Salesforce for client meetings with the ABM team

Transforming relationships

Deepening partnerships and accelerating growth with powerful strategic visuals.

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ImageThink and Salesforce on data infrastructure

Chart the path forward

Simplify complex conversations, make memorable notes, and develop actionable roadmaps.

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ImageThink and Salesforce partnering with the ABM and SIC teams

Center Client Voices

Visual note-taking allows account leads to focus on the conversation, and their clients, and provide powerful follow-up material.

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ImageThink x Salesforce

See how ImageThink and Salesforce have partnered to transform the Accounts-Client relationship.

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