IFVP 2015: The Aesthetics + Ethics of Visual Storytelling

ImageThink had the opportunity of graphic recording a compelling and informative talk at IFVP 2015 by some of the most credible visual practitioners in our field. Liisa Sorsa, Anthony Weeks, and Kelvy Bird shared the wealth of knowledge they’ve accrued throughout their many years of being graphic recorders and graphic facilitators during their conversation, The Aesthetics and Ethics of Visual Storytelling. 




It was a challenging and unique experience to graphic record an IFVP a discussion about how to effectively tell a visual story. We were actively listening, synthesizing, drawing and learning new information at the same time!

Some of the biggest takeaways from the talk:

Make people connect to your story! They will relate to what you have to say, and making it personal creates resonation.


Listen. Your perspective is unique; an artist sees the world differently.

artist perspective

Understand the bigger picture. Provide a framework for the smaller details.


Think about connections. What is the direction, feeling, or sentiment you have from listening to a story? Let this dictate your use of space, and work organically. Being mindful of negative space and big curves–they add compelling visual elements to your visual storytelling work, and make you think holistically about your unique way of telling the story.



It was a very effective and fun conversation to be part of–we can’t wait to bring this knowledge into our visual storytelling practice, and further improve the way we tell the stories of our clients.

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