Game Storming! @SXSWi

Please don’t say that you missed the GameStorming Session at SXSW with Dave GrayJames Macanufo, and Sunni Brown! If you did, no need to fret, Nora and Heather took on the challenge of duel scribing the session.

Capturing 100% the mass energy created by the collective conscious of 1000 game players, is tough, but you can read the summary and revisit your experience of that moment through this graphic capture.

Catch the text summary of the event below!

Work is getting flatter. There’s no central server dishing out orders. It’s a peer-to-peer, co-evolving world. The team that flocks together, rocks together. The future of work is not about dull routine, it’s about being more human. It’s about curiosity, exploration, flexibility and imagination. Gamestorming is for people who want to design the future, to change the world, to make, break and innovate. It’s a kind of Jedi-judo for inventors, explorers and change agents who want to engage the swarm, surf the infosphere and fan the creative hive to an excited state. Gamestorming is a practice made of people, paper and passion. The enabling technologies are sticky notes, whiteboards, index cards, loose rules and fast action. Gamestorming is a mashup of game principles, game mechanics and work. It’s about weaving energy and fast-feedback loops into your work, into your meetings with co-workers, into your design and development activities. Gamestorming is the future of work. Our panel of Gamestorming Jedi will infect you with the Gamestorming virus, so you can carry it back with you and unleash the contagion to the other nodes in your network. There is no antidote.

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