Ask the Highly Organized Woman! with guest Carrie Collins

Carrie Collins, JD, PhD crafts order from chaos and creates inspired and inventive ways to find time. In January 2020, Collins founded H.O.W. Highly Organized Woman to teach people how to find time by thinking strategically about productivity, performance, and leadership progression.

Strategic visual output following Nora Herting's conversation with The Highly Organized Woman, Carrie Collins.

In this episode of Ask the Expert!, Carrie talked with Nora about how can you find time to increase productivity, enhance efficiency, and balance work, family, health, and self, including strategies to change ineffective patterns and behaviors for the long-term, “Take and do” tools that can be used immediately to enhance efficiency; and options to manage meeting fatigue.

The event also included an open Q&A – the audience’s chance to ask Carrie questions about getting organized, how to take charge of their clutter and calendar, and steal minutes back to their day.

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