Ask the Architect! with guest Dimitrius Lynch

We’re still navigating the radical long-tail implications that the COVID-19 pandemic will have on companies and teams. Many of us continue to work from home, while others have begun returning to the office in various capacities. Wherever we are, one thing is for certain, we are relating to our professional space in a whole new way.

The fourth in our series of virtual fireside chats, ImageThink CEO Nora Herting will be joined by Principle Architect Dimitrius Lynch of LYNES. With over 12 years of experience in design and construction, Dimitrius is practiced both domestically and internationally in various building types — specialty retail, creative office interiors, restaurants, medical facilities, and boutique hospitality — with a focus in residential design and construction.

Nora and Dimitrius will discuss the importance of spatial and architectural design, especially during the current pandemic, when safety is a concern, as well as how visual thinking has influenced both of their practices, and how visual thinking could help you reimagine your corporate, or home, office to meet today’s needs.

This event will also feature a Q&A, so please feel free to bring your specific questions, challenges, and curiosities to the table.

Watch the full session, recorded October 15, 2020, and schedule a demo below if you have an upcoming virtual event!

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