DigitalCMOSummit ’11 – the Connection Project

Last week Heather had the great opportunity to head down to New Orleans to graphic record for this years The Digital CMO Summit, hosted by Compete and Kantar Media.

An intimate group of marketing leaders convened during Jazz Fest to discuss how the internet and digital media are transforming their businesses. Executives from Verizon, Google, AOL, Skype, and the Huffington Post were only a few of the folks present who offered their exciting insights.

Below are some of my favorites from the day. Click HERE to see the full spectrum at ImageThink‘s Flickr Site.

Arianna Huffington
Arianna Huffington – President, Huffington Post Media Group “We need to learn to disconnect in order to connect with ourselves”
Michael Yapp, Director, Google Zoo – “Markers need to turn passive viewers into active brand advocates”
Shane Steele, Director, Sales Marketing, Twitter – “Quite simply, instantly connecting people everywhere to what’s interesting to them.”
John Bell, Managing Director, Ogilvy “Even social media needs brand management”

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