Daniel H. Pink and Miriah Howard

Originally posted by Mariah Howard at Arterior Motive


We use both hemispheres of our brain all the time, but for a moment, let’s just be frank and say:

Isn’t the RIGHT BRAIN cool?
* Holistic * Appreciates the Random * Utilizes Intuition * Gets the Systems Perspective * Understands Context * Connects with Emotion * Registers Expression

Our friend Daniel Pink says in a Wired article: ”Until recently, the abilities that led to success in school, work, and business were characteristic of the left hemisphere. They were the sorts of linear, logical, analytical talents measured by SATs and deployed by CPAs. Today, those capabilities are still necessary. But they’re no longer sufficient. In a world upended by outsourcing, deluged with data, and choked with choices, the abilities that matter most are now closer in spirit to the specialties of the right hemisphere – artistry, empathy, seeing the big picture, and pursuing the transcendent.”

Originally posted by Mariah Howard at Arterior Motive 

The stars are aligned today, I tend to think that when 3 related coincidences occur within 12 hours.

Last night as I was finishing up Daniel Pink‘s A Whole New Mind, I received a call informing me that my day had opened up. This morning Mariah Howard, from Oakland, Ca, called to see if I could offer some last minute help with her job here in New York City. Happy to help a colleague in need, I brushed up on her recent activity and found this post (quoting Daniel Pink) on her blog! I have a feeling today is going to be a good day!

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