Handmade Holiday Gifts

Whether it’s thanking clients, celebrating your team, or honoring company leadership, ImageThink offers a personal touch and unique gift. From visual biographies to achievement murals to corporate histories, our team knows how to capture the best aspects of your organization in an image. If a picture is worth a thousand words, say a lot to your closest clients and colleagues this year.

bespoke gifts for the ones who make a difference

An example of an ImageThink journey map or infographic.

Celebrate Your Team

A business isn’t a product or service, it’s people. At the end of the year, it’s important to recognize the folks who put in the effort and give their all to make the company thrive. A team mural, mission and vision statement, or a fun pinboard of accomplishments is the perfect way to let your team know that their hard work is seen and appreciated.

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An example of an ImageThink visual award or infographic.

Celebrate Your Clients

At the end of the year, give more than a swag-bag or tin of baked goods to the people and organizations who helped you along the way. ImageThink artists can capture the unique and special relationship with your biggest accounts, and say a personalized, meaningful thank you.

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An ImageThink journey map.

Celebrate Leadership

Behind every successful team is a leader who cares, motivates, and inspires. Rather than a spa day, nice bottle of something, or a necktie, why not give your boss something truly unique? A visual bio, or illustrated company history timeline can wrap a lot of meaningful sentiments and memories into one beautiful piece of art that they can display on their wall.

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Get festive with a little team cheer

Enjoy some fun holiday activities that can still incorporate remote team members with ImageThink’s Holidraws programming.

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