A Creative Sabbatical

Nora’s temporary home in Le Havre France

Here at ImageThink we are very proud that our founders are also artists. Heather and Nora believe that the creativity and dedication necessary to be practicing artists prepared them for the success of ImageThink.

Besides preparing her for being co-owner and graphic recorder at ImageThink, Nora’s accomplishments as an artist has been recognized by the Ministry of Culture of France. She has been invited by the City of Le Havre to be an artist-in-residence. From October 1st through December, Nora will be on on leave from her opertational duties at ImageThink. Instead, she will be living and creating artwork through the invitation and support of the Ministry of Culture and the City Council of Le Havre.

We are very proud and excited for this special opportunity for Nora. Three months on the coast of France will be a personally enriching and artistically prolific experience. Professionally, ImageThink will benefit from the creativity and energy she will bring to the team when she resume’s her role at ImageThink in late December.

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