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Hybrid meetings can be as productive as in-person or fully remote sessions, with proper planning

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What We Do

Graphic facilitation and graphic recording help navigate the tricky waters of your toughest challenges

ImageThink is the world’s leading visual strategy firm.

We use the tools of graphic facilitation, visual theory, and design thinking principles to enable our clients to capture and communicate complex information and insights, in person or in virtual meetings.

How Can We Help You Think Visually?

ImageThink elevate virtual  meetings for hybrid and asynchronous workforces with digital graphic recording and agenda design

Elevate Virtual Meetings

How do you keep participants attentive and engaged during virtual meetings? ImageThink keeps virtual attendees connected, collaborative, and creative with virtual graphic facilitation, and facilitation.

ImageThink graphic meeting facilitation leads to better, more creative, productive meetings

Ignite Productive Meetings

Facilitate, illustrate, and optimize your biggest ideas. ImageThink supports strategy sessions, retreats, or pitch meetings using graphic facilitation, visual theory, the ImageThink Method™.

Graphic recording captures large audiences both in the real world and virtually

Captivate Attendees

Inspire audiences with real-time graphic recording for keynotes, drive engagement with social listening murals, and create audience-brand relationships with interactive sponsorship opportunities.

ImageThink helps teams visualize and share their insights with hand illustrated murals

Visualize and Share Insights

Rely on ImageThink’s studio team of visual strategists to design hand-drawn infographics, create customer or patient journey maps, develop time-lapse animations, or visualize your strategy.

ImageThink whiteboarding and creative brainstorming workshops inspire creativity

Engaging Team Workshops

Host a dynamic visual workshop to empower your team and encourage more innovative, outside-the-box thinknig. We offer tracks in creative virtual brainstorming, visual leadership, and whiteboarding.

ImageThink Founder and CEO Nora Herting teaches the tools to practice visual leadership

Inspiring Keynotes

Nora Herting inspires and engages global audiences with her compelling evangelism of visual leadership, backed by neuroscientific evidence, visual theory, and amazing illustrations.

Graphic recorder scribing visual notes to capture big ideas

What is Graphic Recording?

Graphic Recording is the process of clarifying ideas by transcribing it in words and picturing discussions in real-time.

Combined with our proprietary ImageThink Method, working visually unlocks innovation and fuels growth.

Looking to engage and rise above zoom fatigue? Graphic recording, visual facilitation, and strategic visual support will elevate your next meeting, conference, or event.

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Innovative Industry Leaders

Dedicated team of graphic facilitators and graphic recorders

Founded and led by Nora Herting, ImageThink visual strategists are recognized experts, providing Graphic Facilitation and Visual Communication Services.

Like all great art, graphic recording helps people make connections and tells a story.

A true creative partner, ImageThink offers a full complement of support, delivering visual problem solving that continues long after your meeting or event ends.

ImageThink graphic facilitators travel physically, or virtually, to support our clients

ImageThink has delivered impactful, engaging visual innovation for more than a decade. Our team of visual strategists support hundreds of engagements every year, all around the world.

  • Accenture
  • Cannes Lions
  • Celgene
  • GE
  • George P. Johnson
  • Google
  • Inc.
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Lilly
  • LinkedIn
  • Matchstick LLC
  • Nike
  • NYC Department of Education
  • Ogilvy
  • PBS
  • Pencil
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Salesforce
  • Toyota
  • United Nations
  • UPS

The big ideas book encourages us all to embrace the “increasingly visual age… and harness the power of visual thinking to stimulate creative ideas, and gain increasing clarity. [Draw Your Big Idea is] a real opportunity to get.


Nora Herting, founder and CEO of ImageThink wouldn’t call what she does doodling. Her company helps businesses chart conversations and complex issues with live interactive drawing events and visual note-taking.

Sarah Lindenfeld Hall
Fast Company

ImageThink works with companies to “map out” their brainstorming sessions visually a leader in its field.

Norm Brodsky

People are more likely to understand and retain complex information if it is presented visually rather than in a purely verbal form.

Killian Fox
The Guardian

Standing in front of a large poster board is Heather Willems. It’s her job to illustrate everything Wolfram talks about during his 60-minute keynote in real time By the time Wolfram is wrapping up, Willems has finished an illustrated version of the keynote with diagrams, captions, and even a drawing of the toy triceratops.

Pete Pachal

The Orange Room went back to the drawing board – literally. ImageThink graphics facilitator Heather Willems drew her interpretation of TODAY all morning long on Friday, covering everything from the JFK anniversary to Thanksgiving meals.

Matt Murray

For New York-based ImageThink, the burgeoning sector has allowed two artists to join the corporate world, one meeting at a time.

Jacob Hall

What makes ImageThink different from the others is that it was started from nothing, by two women who wanted to use their knowledge and passions to empower others.

Shannon Matloob

ImageThink has figured out a way to use doodles to unlock the creativity of business owners and employees alike.

Fast Company
The Guardian

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