Vote for ImageThink – $250k Chase Mission Main St Grant

October 28, 2013

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Close your eyes and imagine a cutting-edge workspace filled with innovative makers, idea generators, and a jam-packed schedule of community events for anyone ready to pick up a marker and learn!

ImageThink is thrilled to announce that we are applying for the Chase Mission Mainstreet Grant to win $250,000 to transform our Brooklyn start-up space into our dream office with a community-focused center for Graphic Recording and visual learning. Please click here to vote for ImageThink in the Chase Mission Mainstreet Grant. We need 250 votes to be reviewed by the Chase panel. You can support ImageThink by just clicking twice here!


ImageThink, a Women’s Business Enterprise National Council certified company, is an award-winning visual services firm founded in 2009 by Nora Herting and Heather Willems and located in Brooklyn, NY. We’ve grown 3x this year alone! With additional funding from the Chase Mission Main Street Grant, ImageThink may continue to build its visual capabilities by hiring additional staff and investing in an office/community space to expand our mission of visualizing big ideas. 484934_10102889789216120_1035033207_n Thank you for supporting ImageThink and with your help we can grow not only our business, but support community workshops to teach Graphic Recording and visual learning to everyone!