Graphic Facilitation : Picturing your Big Ideas

Visuals make meetings better.

Today’s the day: your team’s big meeting. With bright minds and powerful ambitions, the ideas and strategies fly. The energy is electric—almost too electric, since much gets lost in the fray, like fireflies that burn bright, then dwindle.

Imagine adding a nimble graphic artist to the conversation. Ideas are instantly recorded, capturing everyone’s most salient points and making them stick.

A knowledgeable graphic facilitator isn’t just a record-taker—he or she is a partner that helps your team or audience develop far-reaching strategy. That’s what ImageThink does. Our company organizes complex topics, speeding agendas and helping convert thought into action. As your meeting takes off, the finished result is a beautiful keepsake with equal parts strategy and inspiration. You do away with transcripts, eliminate long-winded PowerPoints, and leave participants with a take-home asset that’s as actionable as it is beautiful.

Why ImageThink?

Images help people think. Two-thirds of us are visual learners. Adding a picture to text or sound increases retention rates by 40%. When they address a large amount of content, they provide instantaneous recap. Boosting a discussion or event with graphic recording is smart: it makes your spoken words powerful, shareable, and infinitely memorable.

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 12.13.00 PM

photo credit: Andrew Federman

What about Conferences? 

Great question! Graphic recording transforms your speech into an involving experience. Every note is sketched for all to see, making your final crescendo all the more triumphant.

Afterwards, the audience rushes the stage to snap photos of your content, share them, and continue the conversation. The talk now illuminates a million mindsto lasting effect.

Who Uses ImageThink?

ImageThink energizes meetings, trade shows, and conferences in every industry. Here are just a few of our clients.


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