Summer Workshop Season: Get Your Creative Juices Flowing for a Productive Q4

Team members and workshop attendees creating Visual Biographies as an ImageThink workshop exercise.

Summer Slowdown Means Heating Up Your Skills

It has begun. You’re getting auto-responder messages detailing beach weekends, family reunions, and European vacations. Half your team is “OOO,” your customers, clients, and other stakeholders are in seven time zones. Summer Slowdown is real.

The good news is, a slowdown is the perfect time to learn some new skills with your team, and tackle the “it can wait” project that Quarters 1, 2, and 4 just don’t leave time for. There’s a reason corporate retreats happen in the summer.

Two workshop trainees creating visual notes

Here’s Where ImageThink Comes In

By now, you have hopefully had ImageThink in your meetings and witnessed the power of visuals to improve communication, align a group and have impact.

But what if you could learn the underlying skills that our graphic recorders use to synthesize, analyze, organize, and visualize information to help lead more productive brainstorming and strategy sessions, encourage more innovation, or to become a better leader?

ImageThink offers several training workshops custom made for your team to help you better tackle your knottiest challenges, with the aid of our unique Methodology.

Spend half a day with your team learning the basic icons, color theory, handwriting, and visual hierarchy skills we use in our Whiteboarding Bootcamp. Or perhaps a full day learning how to use visuals to help you set goals, visualize strategy, and create a road map to achieve them in our Visual Leadership workshop. We also offer 1 hour – 90 minute workshops that teach the history and neuroscience behind visual communication, how to lead more creative brainstorms, tips to be a visual leader, and ways to use graphics to set better goals and execute them.

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Workshop attendees whiteboarding and creating icons for visually communicating ideas

“We’re Not Graphic Recorders”

So you’re not an artist? Not even artistic? Don’t have an artistic bone in your body? We’ll show you different! We can teach you quick easy-to-draw iconography that will help you elevate and communicate an idea faster than words.

Concerned about team buy-in? In our experience, getting people on their feet with markers in hand inspires creativity and collaboration. While other workshops get people away from their desks, we offer something a little more concrete than trust fall exercises. An ImageThink workshop provides an opportunity for everyone on your team to learn a tangible, rare, and useful new skill.

Perhaps you don’t have graphic facilitation training in the budget. Few businesses do. After all, most companies aren’t in the business of teaching employees how to draw. We can design 1-3 day workshops customized to teach you the specific skills your team needs, or even lead an hour-long creative workshop pre-made to teach you how you can use visuals to help your business innovate and thrive.

Workshop attendee displaying visual notes from an ImageThink training session

Start Practicing Visual Leadership Today!

So rather than clicking refresh on your inbox another time, or waiting for January to start ideating, reach out to our account team today, and partner with ImageThink to develop a curriculum that will help your team charge into Q4 with new tools and a strong strategy.

Want to see an ImageThink workshop firsthand? Perhaps attending our upcoming brainstorming workshop at AdClub NY on July 16, or the Visual Leadership program we are offering in partnership with GISC (Gestalt International Study Center) on Cape Cod from August 7-9.

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