Sketchnoting 101

sketchnote-handbook-600pxAn oldie but a goodie, Matthew Magain’s Sketchnoting 101: How To Create Awesome Visual Notes is a great informational guide for anyone interested in visual note taking:

The term sketchnoting describes the style of visual note-taking that has become popular at tech conferences in the past few years. Mike Rohde has been the most vocal champion (he has a book out on the topic), and Eva-Lotta Lamm has been a prolific creator of the art form of late (she’s published a couple of books as well!).

Regardless of the circumstance, the skills for creating a sketchnote can be broken down into four basic categories:

  • planning
  • listening
  • processing
  • drawing


With great tips like how to build out your own visual library (see great image above!), Matthew Magain’s guide provides a beginner practical tips and tools.

Interested in seeing more examples of sketchnotes? Last year at SXSW V2V, ImageThink co-founder, Heather Willems, created a wonderful collection of V2V sketchnotes from the keynotes, like this one by Tony Hsieh below:


Looking for even more inspiration? Our Resources page has a fantastic collection of links to get you going on sketch noting or graphic recording journey.

And for questions on how we should sketchnote at your big event, drop us at line at [email protected] to learn how we could picture your big idea!




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