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The Applegate Network interviews Nora and Heather at ImageThink offices

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  • The Women Who Draw SXSW,” Mashable. “This is ImageThink in action: The Brooklyn-based graphic-facilitation company attends conferences and corporate events to create real-time infographics during keynotes and panels.” 
  • How Ditching Your Ho-Hum PowerPoint Can Make You A Star,” Forbes. “Enter Heather Willems and Nora Herting — two female artists who founded ImageThink, a Brooklyn based company that makes meetings more engaging by translating complex ideas into real-time visual summaries, while the meeting is in session.” 
  • Robot Sourcing and Rules for Selfies: The Moments That Stood Out at SXSW,” Wall Street Journal. Considering the chaos, I found the work of ImageThink to be that much more impressive. The New York-based company is the official graphic recorder of SXSW.”
  • Meet The Artists Helping Companies Think in Pictures,” Entrepreneur. “Today, they’ve served companies in 13 countries such as and have regular clients in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, IT and telecom industries who Herting says are slowly embracing creative ways of thinking and communicating. The firm counts Google, Time Warner, The New Yorker, Viacom and LEGO among their regular clients.”
  • Artist Interprets a Morning at TODAY Through Drawings,” Today Show. “The Orange Room went back to the drawing board – literally.” 
  • ImageThink: Art as Small Business,” Amex OPEN Forum by Jane Applegate. “She sketched throughout the session and afterwards, stood next to the board while dozens of participants snapped photos of her work with their phones and iPads. There was no need for attendees to be distracted by taking notes. They walked out with the key points captured by Willems.”
  • Doodling for Dollars,” Wall Street Journal“Firms are holding training sessions to teach employees the basics of what’s known as visual note taking.”
  • SXSWi: Pictures Worth a Thousand Bytes,” The Guardian. “Now, the little start-up is working with some of the biggest organisations in the US, including Google, Disney, Microsoft and Nasa…”
  • “ImageThink Re-thinks the Traditional Meeting Model,” Bottom Line. “The days of snoozing though inane meetings — and getting caught when your face inadvertently falls into a plate of donuts — are long over if professional artists and former teachers Nora Herting and Heather Willems have anything to do with it. “

By ImageThink

  • Revitalize Your Brain,” SharpHeels, March 30, 2015. Four ways to make your brain more vibrant by using visuals. 
  • I See What You’re Saying,New Pharma Thinkers, August 2012. How to use visual tools to make your meeting more interesting, engaging and effective.


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