How to Survive as a Business Traveler


At ImageThink, travel is an essential part of our routine. We travel to brainstorming and strategy meetings, interactive conferences, and more every week from New York and San Francisco to everywhere from New Jersey to Europe to China. As expert-level travelers, we’ve learned the ins and outs of what to do in transit, and we’ve even helped our clients visualize some recent travel trends. Here are a few tips to get you smoothly from your home to your hotel and back again.ImageThink's travel tip #1 illustrates the importance of remembering to charge your phone and take a screenshot of your boarding pass before leaving for the airport.

  1. Bring your charger, and take a screenshot of your boarding pass

Keep an extra charger in your suitcase you travel with at all times. This way, if you forget to bring one in the rush, you’re backed up! Additionally, take a screenshot of your boarding pass. You never know if you’ll have reception, or if you will accidentally lose that small piece of paper.

ImageThink's travel tip #2 illustrates wearing many layers while traveling, as temperatures on planes and trains are unpredictable.

  1. Wear layers

Temperature on planes and trains is unpredictable. Be prepared by bringing layers along so you can regulate your comfort easily.

ImageThink's travel tip #3 illustrates the importance of staying hydrated while traveling.

  1. Stay hydrated

Drink lots of water. It’s often easy to forget, but giving your body lots of fluids keeps you alert and comfortable.

ImageThink's travel tip #4 illustrates wearing socks at the airport and easily removable shoes to cut down on time and increase comfort while going through security.

  1. Wear socks and easily removable shoes

When you go through security, be ready to move quickly without being encumbered by your own feet. Keep socks on to avoid being barefoot on airport floors. Or, skip the shoe removal altogether and sign up for TSA Precheck, especially if you fly often. You’ll never have to take them off again!

ImageThink's travel tip #5 illustrates eating healthy snacks on flights instead of reaching for junk food so you don't feel gross and bloated after sitting for hours.

  1. Bring healthy snacks

Airports often don’t have fresh, healthy snacks, so remembering to bring them before you arrive is helpful. Plus, healthy snacks make sitting for long hours more bearable, and you don’t feel bloated after sitting for hours.

ImageThink's travel tip #6 illustrates a book, showing you that reading the old fashioned way guarantees you stay interested without guaranteed wifi or service.

  1. Bring reading materials

You’re not guaranteed wifi on a flight or a train ride, so indulge in reading the old-fashioned way!

ImageThink's travel tip #7 shows travelers carrying on their luggage instead of checking it to ensure a speedy entrance and exit from a plane.

  1. Carry on your luggage

Avoid checking your bags as much as possible. You don’t want to risk the possibility of them being lost, plus carrying bags on makes the boarding process before and after your flight much faster.

ImageThink's travel tip #8 shows a crown, which is what you should NOT be bringing with you when you travel, or bring any valuables you would not be willing to part with.

  1. Leave your valuables at home

Don’t bring anything along that you wouldn’t want to lose. Leave that tiara at home!

Written by: Greta Hayes, Graphic Recorder at ImageThink (@imagethink)

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