How to Draw Grumpy Cat in 5 Easy Steps

5EasySteps_GrumpyCat How to Draw Grumpy Cat in 5 Easy Steps with ImageThink!

At ImageThink, we offer graphic facilitation services to companies across the Fortune 50 spectrum, helping them brainstorm, strategize, and move from ideation to action through live illustration. In Draw Your Big Idea, ImageThink’s co-founders offer visual exercises that help entrepreneurial readers hone their vision, map their resources, and understand their customer better—all by simply picking up a pen and drawing.

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Did you know?

1. CBS named Grumpy Cat was the most popular celebrity attraction at SXSW 2013, with over 600 fans lining up hours over a distance of 3 city blocks to meet the feline star.

2. Grumpy Cat’s unusual pout is natural;  she was born with feline dwarfism and a severe underbite which give her a uniquely adorable expression despite being an otherwise normal, happy kitty.

3. Keyboard Cat and Grumpy Cat share the same manager, Ben Lashes. Your Grumpy Cat drawing will be under great management.

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