Favorite Hotel – Hotel Vertigo in San Francisco

As Graphic Recorders, we do a lot of traveling and stay in many hotels across the world. We’d like to have a series of posts highlighting some of our favorite places to stay. In this installment,  we take you on a stylish tour of Hotel Vertigo in San Francisco, CA.

Hotel Vertigo- San Francisco

This historical hotel is located in the heart of the art district in San Francisco, a few blocks from Polk Street and steps away from the dormitories of San Francisco Art Institute. The hotel made a cameo in Alfred Hitchcock‘s psychological thriller ‘Vertigo,’ and has reincarnated as a boutique space blending the vintage baroque and chic modernism.  (Photo Courtesy: Hotel Vertigo)


Kim Novak as Madeline rocking a satin evening gown in the 1958 classic noir. (Photo Courtesy: Style in Film)

Hotel Vertigo_Downtown_San Francisco

The now-lobby of Hotel Vertigo, juxtaposing baroque decor, sleek modern decorations and a splash of surrealism brought by the white statues. (Photo Courtesy: Hotel Vertigo)


Looking down the flight of stairs, we had the same reaction as many reviewers from Yelp: ‘Vertigo for sure!’ (Photo Courtesy: Yelp)

Another reason to love this hotel is the art that surrounds it. Steps down the street is Hashimoto Contemporary Gallery and Spoke Art Gallery; the latter held an intriguing Wes Anderson-themed gallery exhibition.

Wes Anderson show Spoke Art gallery

In conclusion we enjoyed Hotel Vertigo very much. Now we know the film so much more intimately, especially after seeing it played on loop behind the front desk and the very friendly staffs!


Until next time, ImageThinkers. (Photo Courtesy: Jason Bovberg)

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