Drawing the Thoughts of A Brave New Thinker

Drawing the Thoughts of A Brave New Thinker

Innovative thinkers across all sectors of business have called upon us to add energy and clarity to their sessions with our visual translations. I was pleased to see Vinod Khosla recognized by Atlantic Magazine as a “Brave New Thinker”

Fire Side Chat with Vinod Khosla, Tony Blar and Bill Gates

When Mr. Khosla requested our services at his annual summit for the firm’s CEO’s, we had never worked for a venture capitalist firm before. During the two days, Ryan Robinson and I created instant visual summaries of such leaders at Jack Dorsey of Twitter, Eric Schmidt of Google and Tim Brown of Ideo. I learned about the lack of funding in alternate energy research, the probability of growing ground beef in a lab, and the future of biofuels. Mr. Khosla showed me that a VC makes insightful decisions, they can invest in the future of technology and human well-being when they invest their money.

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