SXSWi Day 2 Recap!


Day 2 was ImageThink’s first full day at SXSW, and what a success! The people we are connecting with are incredible!


Our day started with Carl Bass discussing the Robot Revolution, a talk about the ways in which Robots have and will continue to change the world has we know it. This talk was made all the more exciting by a celebrity appearance by R2D2 from Star Wars. We are happy to say we got to meet him!


The day 2 keynote SXSW speaker was famed astrophysicist Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson. In his talk with Christie Nicholson, Dr. Tyson talked passionately about his desire to make science more accessible to the everyday person. Our favorite quote? “A scientist is a kid that never grew up.”


We also scribed for the one and only Kevin Bacon. His talk, “The 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon” celebrated the Hollywood game’s 20th anniversary. The game is based on the theory that no two people on Earth are more than 6 connections from each other. It was noted that this game was like social media before social media was around; a very cool concept. Try it out yourself – how many degrees of separation are you away from Kevin Bacon?


Our day ended with a bang!; with a one on one with Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban, moderated by Guy Kawasaki. Cuban shared some of the TV show’s behind the scenes secrets, and shared his thoughts on the basket-ball industry as the owner of the Dallas Mavericks. When asked if he could do it all over what would he change, he responded “nothing”- we loved his no-regret attitude!

Check back tomorrow for the day 3 SXSW recap and images, there is lots more to come!

Here’s the list of all the talks we covered on day 2!

Carl Bass: “The Robot Revolution”

Stephen Kim: “Beyond Technology: Designing for People

Christine Lagorio & Sophia Amoruso: “Nasty Gal: Turning Heads While Turning Profits”

P.W. Singer: “CyberWars: What Everyone Needs to Know”

Matt Danna: “Changing Behavior Through Persuasive Design”

Bill Simmons & Nate Silver: “Media & The Personal Brand – ESPN, Grantland and 538”

KEYNOTE Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson

Emily Chang & Steve Case: “The Rest is Rising: Entrepreneurship in America”

Jeremiah Cohick: “Good to be Great: API Design Patterns Beyond the Rest”

Brian Turtle & Kevin Bacon: “6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon: A Social Phenomenon Turns 20”

Mark Cuban & Guy Kawasaki: “One on One with Mark Cuban”

Thor Mitchell: “API Management: The Agony & the Ecstasy”

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