Trade Shows

[Graphic recording] really made Meebo’s ‘Created by You’ initiative shine.
— Christian Bohland, Creative Director, Meebo

Graphic recording can add an interactive, highly engaging element to your next trade show. It provides many different opportunities to entertain, attract interest and get your prospects involved with your message.

From videos to real-time capture of people’s stories, the possibilities for starting conversations with your prospects and customers are endless.

Ways our clients have used graphic recording at trade shows:

  • Attendees shared their favorite websites and interests on a mural-size whiteboard which evolved over four days of the trade show. The final image was transformed into an Internet scavenger hunt. (Meebo, Internet Week)
  • Staff interviewed attendees about their hotel’s role in community advocacy, findings were synthesized into large canvas mural which was eventually displayed in the client’s corporate reception area. (Wits’ End, International Hotel Group Conference).
  • Two graphic recorders worked in tandem to capture customer stories. Customers designed their own logos which were captured on a mural that evolved over the three-day trade show.