now smartphone friendly!

October 18, 2012

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At all the events we’ve been scribing this year the resounding message is: mobile mobile mobile is the future of the web. This year, for the first time, vendors shipped more smartphones than personal computers. For a lot of small businesses, creating an additional website for their mobile visitors can be a headache. We were in this predicament, evaluating different options for making our own site smartphone friendly, when Nora heard about a great new tool. She was scribing a Google Think Performance event when she heard about the site — a partnership between Google and a company called Duda Mobile. Using the tools at we were able to quickly evaluate our site’s strengths and weaknesses and then quickly design a mobile version of our existing site. Duda Mobile has put together an incredibly intuitive interface that allows you to import your existing content into one of their mobile templates. In a matter of minutes, we had a working mobile version of our site! In a few more minutes, we could redirect visitors to Here are some key concepts to keep in mind if you’re also planning on creating a mobile site:
  • Load time: The faster the better — more than half of visitors will wait five seconds or less before giving up on a site.
  • Big text: Text should be visible without pinching or zooming.
  • Thumb-friendly: Buttons and navigation should be designed so you don’t need super-precise touch.
  • Show your details: Make your location and phone number visible throughout.
  • Click to Call: Calling you should be as easy as the touch of a button.
We’re proud to announce that we’ve joined the mobile wave. Next time you’re on the move, look us up.