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Looking for a keynote that can speak to the intersection of creativity and business? Want to hear the story behind how ImageThink has drawn results with Fortune 100 companies?

ImageThink’s impact with businesses, and its co-founders Nora Herting and Heather Willems’ own entrepreneurial prowess has been recognized in features in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fox Business, Entrepreneur and INC. They are co-authors of Draw Your Big Idea, an Amazon best seller in creativity and psychology.

ImageThink co-founders Nora Herting and Heather Willems enjoy speaking on the power of visuals to catalyze results in business. Combined their speaking engagements include SXSW Interactive, the Biggerplate Conference, NYC, Oredev in Sweden, Q-Conference in London, amongst others. 

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Heather and Nora’s list of speaking topics:

● The Secret Power of Active Listening for Business Leadership

●Get from Idea to Execution by Just Picking up a Pen

● The Power of Visual Storytelling

● The Surprising Benefits of Treating a Business Like an Art Project

● The #1 Way Active Listening Revolutionizes Business Innovation


  • "Nora's terrific presentation and workshop, along with the fabulous graphic boards produced by her team, represented a first for the Unplugged Conferences as the scope of the event expanded beyond the pure remit of mind mapping alone, and looked at other ways of working and thinking visually."

    Barnaby Hughes


  • "ImageThink raised the tone of the conference. Their work was a great conversation starter and they communicated the content of the conference in a fun and universally understandable language. A great investment!"

    Kathy Compton


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