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Facilitate Creative Trainings

Speakers and authors, Heather Willems and Nora Herting, inspire companies to think in pictures. Together they fill the room with energy that inspires and moves people at all levels of the business. Not only do they teach the tools that they use to think visually, but the two of them also speak to the need for creativity in business, how artists think like entrepreneurs, and how to use visual thinking to over come obstacles and grow business.

How Can We Help?

Our custom workshop are for Senior leaders, designers, account leads, facilitators, or anyone who wants to express their ideas better. From the first exercise, our workshops are carefully designed to build upon useful techniques and skills that will get your team up on their feet and drawing on the walls. By the end of the day, participants will be drawing and diagraming with confidence and will leave with practical techniques that will make for a more creative, collaborative and effective workplace.


  • "Based on this experience, I would give the highest recommendation possible for anyone to spend an afternoon with ImageThink to learn about how each of us is truly, deeply, already a visual thinker."

    Jean Tabaka, Agile Fellow, Rally Software

  • “The whole staff really loved the training. They were all delighted to learn new tools they can use in the classroom and the team loved the time together.”

    AiLun Ku, Opportunity Network

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