Summer Reading Pick: Macrowikinomics

July 12, 2012

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Don Tapscott has been at the forefront of how the Internet is changing business for nearly two decades. His 2010 bestselling book, Wikinomics, looked at how the mass collaboration that the Internet has made possible was changing everything from genetics research to education to the workplace. Tapscott’s latest book, Macrowikinomics, zooms out to examine how the new paradigm of collaborative innovation is changing how we think of nearly every aspect of society and how a few passionate individuals are using the web to re-shape every corner of civilization. This past March at SXSW, ImageThink team member Liisa Sorsa did the graphic recording for Tapscott’s talk Rethinking Civilization for the Social Age which examined many of these themes. Macrowikinomics is a book for anyone interested in how the connectedness of our digital age can make the world a better place. Our unprecedented power to collaborate is the gateway to enormous innovation — how we learn, live, govern, work, create and help is changing forever. Click here to watch Tapscott’s recent TED Talk, Four Principles for an Open World.