ImageThink Workshop: Fear No Marker

June 26, 2014

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At ImageThink, we are passionate about sharing the love of graphic recording with others! This past year at SXSWi 2014, ImageThink was thrilled to lead a unique workshop, Fear No Marker:
unnamed A diverse group of SXSWi attendees ranging from design thinkers, to illustrators, to architects had the opportunity to spend half a day thinking and drawing with Heather and Nora, the founders of ImageThink, in a hands-on, interactive session.

By the end of the day folks were telling better stories with visuals, developing drawing skills they didn’t know that they had, and organizing information into memorable models. 

Due to limited availability, there was a wait-list of over 40 people, but we had a blast with the folks who were able to attend! Caroline Chapple, one of the workshop attendees, took sketchnotes for those who were unable to attend. Send us an e-mail at  for notes!

ImageThink's visual towers built from SXSWi talks

ImageThink’s visual towers built from SXSWi talks

“Graphic recording, also known as visual note taking, was bigger this year at SXSW than ever before. The SXSW Interactive Festival fully embraced this visual design form in 2014, and partnered with ImageThink to be the Official Graphic Recorders of SXSW. “

“Infographics were the primary topic seen in many sessions, expert panels, mentor sessions, workshops, book signings, meetups and trade show booths.” said HuffingtonPost in a recap of the highlights of infographics at SXSW” – Huffington Post

Interested in hosting or attending a workshop of your own? Fuel your team with the power of infographics by attending one of our workshops.  Email our Assistant Project Manager, Maricia du Plessis, to learn more!