ImageThink at BV IO Hackathon

April 24, 2014

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Are you passionate about social commerce and interested in insights into how shopping online more could be easier, and feel more authentic? Recently at ImageThink, graphic recorder, Virginia Montgomery, was thrilled to join the R&D team at Bazaarvoice at their public technical conference and hackathon to drive innovation in the social commerce space. Bazaarvoice, based in sunny Austin,Texas, is the leader in the social commerce space delivering a platform which serves over a billion impressions a day! Bazaarvoice assembled a great group of speakers (including University of Texas’ Professor of Innovation, Bob Metcalfe and Greg Brockman, CTO of Stripe and designer of the Stripe CTF contests)  to help accelerate and inspire the Austin tech community to build some amazing new applications. ImageThink was thrilled to be live onsite to graphic record the insights from the keynotes. Interested in the history of ethernet or tips on how to scale your own start-up? Check out our graphic recordings below: 01_BazzarVoice_ImageThink_after40yearsofethernet-X2 05_BazzarVoice_ImageThink_howwescaledstripe-X2 To learn more about ImageThink’s capabilities in Graphic Recording or how we could help picture your big ideas, visit our Services page for inspiration. Have an idea? Share it with us at