Giving Women a Voice with World Pulse

February 7, 2013

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Detail from graphic capture of the World Pulse board retreat

Last weekend, ImageThink had the opportunity to support a board retreat for a group called World Pulse. World Pulse is helping empower women all over the world, particularly grassroots leaders in developing nations such as Democratic Republic of Congo. The premise is simple yet powerful: by giving women a platform from which to tell their stories and ways to connect with a broader community, World Pulse accelerates positive change for these women and their communities — and so for the world. Over the two-day retreat, ImageThink was inspired to learn of World Pulse’s impressive efforts to turn up the volume on stories that rarely register on the radar of mainstream media — like the tragic practice of breast ironing in Cameroon. World Pulse has helped grow communication infrastructure by providing access, training and a portal for women citizen journalists to share their experiences. World Pulse has also become a broadcasting channel for these marginalized stories. World Pulse’s contributors’ stories are being picked up by the BBC, CNN, TED and many more. These women find jobs, speaking opportunities and ways to get their voices heard by policy makers. We found the work World Pulse is doing inspiring and necessary and we were excited to be able to support their efforts with graphic recording.