‘ImageThinking’ isn’t ‘doodling’ or quirky note-taking.

It is our unique approach to unleashing innovation in organizations and fueling their growth by using words and images to reveal and express their biggest ideas.

‘ImageThinking’ works by synthesizing complex concepts into engaging, digestible pictures.

We listen carefully to a conversation, capture the key ideas and communicate these through a visual summary, using words, notes and sketches. All in real-time—and at strategic meetings, conferences and events of all kinds. (We even help you create content that engages people long after your on-site experience ends.)

Absolutely. Our team brings the same creative expression and collaborative energy whether working on-site, digitally or virtually.

If you want to project our live drawing on a movie screen or patch it to high-definition monitors throughout your venue, we can do that too. However you’d like to bring your biggest ideas to the surface—we’ll help.

n our experience, while participants at your event may be distracted by one of our team creating live visuals initially, they are soon captivated.

Introducing your ImageThink graphic recorder or graphic facilitator at the beginning of a session can help set the expectation for your audience, while the process itself quickly engages all their learning capacities: Visual, auditory and kinetic.

We capture your presenters’ content—and captivate your participants’

At ImageThink, we price according to the nature of your engagement—whether it’s an internal meeting or public conference, for example—and how much support you need. Get in touch to discuss how we can help bring your biggest ideas to the surface and we’ll provide you with a
custom quote.

Like translators, we process and translate in real time. Our team listens actively; synthesizing key ideas and themes, then records those ideas in words, notes and sketches.

We’re masters of visual and verbal languages and don’t need to understand all the idiosyncrasies of your content to picture your big ideas successfully and accurately.

We’re based in New York and San Francisco—but you’ll find us working internationally with some of the world’s most influential companies, on up-to-the-minute challenges, topics and trends. We’ve managed thousands of sessions across 15 countries. We can come to you!

We know everyone’s needs are different, so we’re sensitive to your specific goals and want to make the process as seamless as possible for you.

If you need live, on-site support, we manage buying and delivering the drawing boards we use. We simply ask you to provide two sturdy easels to support these. For digital and virtual work, we have our own hardware. No need for you to do a thing.

We take high-resolution photographs and deliver digital editions to you, once your live event is complete. You can use these to engage people long after your on-site experience ends by sharing virtual versions on social media or sending prints to participants.

The physical drawing boards are yours to display or gift to speakers, and we leave those at the event site for you. (Or can have them shipped to a single destination for a service fee plus the cost of courier, packing and shipping.)

We offer customized training workshops that help your teams define and express their ideas more powerfully and easily. (Our practical exercises get people out of their heads—and drawing on the walls.) Or engage our founders Nora Herting and Heather Willems to speak about the power visuals have to help your business innovate and thrive.

You can also turn your thoughts into action and dreams into reality with our newly published book, Draw Your Big Idea, with over 100 exercises to help you.

Graphic recording is the process of listening to a conversation, synthesizing the big ideas and translating them into words and pictures to create a real-time visual summary. Graphic recording provides an instantaneous recap of a meeting’s content, aiding focused conversations and heightened engagement. Boosting a discussion or event with graphic recording is smart: it makes your spoken words powerful, shareable, and infinitely memorable.

A knowledgeable graphic facilitator isn’t just a record-taker—he or she is a partner that helps your team or audience develop far-reaching strategy. That’s what ImageThink does. Our company organizes complex topics into clear visuals, speeding agendas and helping convert thought into action. By the end of your meeting, you will have  a beautiful keepsake that is equal parts strategy and inspiration. You do away with transcripts, eliminate long-winded PowerPoints, and leave participants with a take-home asset that’s as actionable as it is beautiful.

Absolutely. Want to project the live drawing on a movie screen or patch it to HD monitors? We have the right tools an skill set to draw up your ideas. 

The role of a graphic recorder/graphic facilitator is to support the speakers by creating live visuals of their content. All the better if the audience is captivated by the process. When the graphic recorder is introduced at the beginning of a session, the audience knows that ImageThink is there to take notes so they can engage in the conversation. Graphic Recording at a meeting or presentation combines multiple learning modalities- auditory, visual, and kinetic learning, so audiences are more engaged and have greater memory retention. Your attendees will get more from the session, and your presenters will benefit from the additional visual support.  

As graphic recorders we do three things; we actively listen, synthesize the information for key ideas and themes, and then record those ideas in words in pictures. Think of us like translators- they are masters of both languages, not the content, and they process and translate in real time.

Not to worry. We have fulltime graphic recorders in New York and the San Francisco Bay Area. We travel weekly to serve our clients wherever necessary, including 15 countries.  

We want to make thing as easy for you as possible. If you request analog support we handle the purchase and delivery of the drawing boards. You would simply provide two sturdy easels for support of the working boards. We provide our own customized hardware for digital graphic recording. 

At the end of the event we will take high resolution photographs and deliver digital editions for you to share on-line, send to attendees, and create physical prints. The physical boards themselves will remain onsite for you to display or gift to speakers.  
For a service fee plus the cost of courier, packing and shipping, ImageThink can arrange to have the physical boards shipped to a single destination.

We offer hands-on workshops customized for you and your organizations needs.  By the end of the session, your team will have the tools to map ideas visually and increase creativity and collaboration in your workplace.