Stories Come Alive at EWI’s Trade Show Booth

August 21, 2012

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EWI Worldwide is a cutting-edge marketing company that creates powerful user experiences in real-time — whether it’s at an event, in a retail show room or a corporate environment. Graphic recording often has that role — real-time connection between a message and an audience — so we were thrilled when EWI approached us about creating a video that showcases their unique approach to bringing stories alive. The video, which you see above, was produced in conjunction with Switch Video, who turned a series of illustrations into a fun, highly engaging motion graphics.

Graphic Recording as Trade Show Engagement Strategy

The video was part of a much larger project — the EWI Worldwide booth at the Healthcare Convention and Exhibitors Association show in Orlando. The video was a focal point of the display, alongside Nora’s real-time drawings. EWI created special “conversation cards” featuring questions like: What is your guilty pleasure? Who would you have dinner with? Staffers at the booth would engage attendees in these conversations and each person’s answer was then drawn on one of the walls of the booth, which was outfitted with a roll of paper. “I got to do some really fun drawings,” said Nora. “I’ve never before had to draw George Clooney, Charlie Hunnam, Kim Kardashian and Jesus in the same day.” Of course, when people saw their answers come to life, they were engaged and wanted to share. Participants posed for a picture in front of their illustrated answers, and EWI compiled the portraits into an iPad photo album. So was it a success? In addition to generating great leads and engaging attendees, the booth snagged EWI an award for Best Booth at the entire conference. “I truly believe that the interactions we had with our potential customers were engaging and meaningful, and through those interactions we will attain more business,” said Jordan Cieslak, Global Account Director at EWI World Wide. “Thank you again for doing such an amazing job in helping EWI Worldwide build on our reputation as an industry leader in live communications.”
  ImageThink is proud we could be a part of this success story.