Drawing Day!

April 4, 2013

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img_0907 Yesterday was our first ever Drawing Day at ImageThink! Nora, Heather, Kelly and Virginia — our core graphic recording crew — looked forward to this day for weeks. Our goal was to set aside most of a day to pool the collective knowledge of all our graphic recorders. We were thrilled that Zane Groshelle and Steve Wishman from Prezi were in the neighborhood and came by to join the fun. img_0916Since we need to draw fast in our work, we’re interested in building up our knowledge of simple icons we can render quickly when we’re creating live drawings at events and meetings. We started by brainstorming a list of things we wanted to improve or add to our communication toolbox. Then for drawing inspiration, we looked to each other as well as vintage Japanese clip art and photographs and drawings we found online. MinViableKittyWe also talked about how to strip images down to the most basic elements. For example, if you want to communicate the idea of a cat — then ask yourself, what are the visual elements that signify “cat”? Two pointy ears, some whiskers — a collection of really simple lines can communicate the idea faster and just as effectively as a detailed rendering. Lots of laughter and lots of paper later, we each came away with an expanded visual vocabulary. Keep an eye out — you might very well see more bears, chainsaws and bored millenials in ImageThink boards! Click here to view more photos from Drawing Day on Facebook.