David Chang Talks Tech in Food

August 25, 2015

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ImageThink board done at SXSWi 2015

ImageThink board done at SXSWi 2015

At SXSW Interactive, restauranteur and author David Chang spoke with Matt Buchanan about his experience combining tech and dining.
"With tech, we communicate the best failures"

“With tech, we communicate the best failures”

Today, almost all companies are tech companies, even if that is not their predominant industry. Tech has changed everything, but David Chang believes its value for dining should be ease for experimentation. He also talked about collecting customer data to enhance the customer’s dining experience. FUKU 6 He discussed his new app Maple, which is a “lunchbox on demand” of the best food delivered to your door. Logistics, meal options and price were fine-tuned in a trial and error tech process. FUKU 1 David, the self proclaimed “Normavore”, loves normal food, believes his employees should be well taken care of, and was very optimistic about the convergence of tech and dining. If you make it down to his restaurants in New York city, remember these insights and let them enhance your experience! Interested in ImageThink? Visit our Services page for more information or drop us a line at info@imagethink.net to learn how we may support your next event!