SXSWi 2016 Recap: Brene Brown + Amanda Enayati

SXSWi 2016 Recap: Brene Brown + Amanda Enayati

April 8, 2016

Brene Brown Keynote ImageThink’s graphic recordings have made SXSW more engaging for 6 years. We have enjoyed scribing nearly 350 talks, and Brene Brown was the best keynote we have EVER heard! This year, a big theme throughout the conference was storytelling. Brene Brown went through different stages of this internal and external form of communication that truly engaged the audience. When you choose courage over comfort, you sign up to fall. Vulnerability is not a weakness, it is an accurate measure of courage. Writing your first crummy draft When you own your own story, you can write your own ending Since creating the above sketchnote, […]

ImageThinker's Pro Wrestling Road Not Taken

ImageThinker’s Pro Wrestling Road Not Taken

January 19, 2016

Written by: James Lake, Graphic Recorder at ImageThink (@imagethink) At ImageThink’s off-site this year, Heather Willems asked me what career path I would have chosen if I wasn’t graphic recording for ImageThink: Pro Wrestler! This may come as a shock, especially to anyone that has seen me in person, but it’s true. I’ve been a fan of sports entertainment (mainly WWE) since I was about 8 years old, and over the years my friend Lucas and I have gone to live events, autograph signings, and watched countless wrestling shows. If I did not love drawing as much as I do, I would […]

David Chang Talks Tech in Food

August 25, 2015

At SXSW Interactive, restauranteur and author David Chang spoke with Matt Buchanan about his experience combining tech and dining. Today, almost all companies are tech companies, even if that is not their predominant industry. Tech has changed everything, but David Chang believes its value for dining should be ease for experimentation. He also talked about collecting customer data to enhance the customer’s dining experience. He discussed his new app Maple, which is a “lunchbox on demand” of the best food delivered to your door. Logistics, meal options and price were fine-tuned in a trial and error tech process. David, the self proclaimed “Normavore”, loves normal […]

ImageThink on YouTube: ImageThink in Action at SXSWi 2015

May 20, 2015

Want to know what we do every year at the biggest conferences all over the country? Watch our video of ImageThink at SXSWi 2015, showcasing live footage of graphic recordings, interviews with clients, and information about how ImageThink can help your next meeting.  SXSW is one of our annual opportunities to learn new information about art, science and tech, meeting with our clients and expanding new horizons. As one of the most exciting and innovative conferences, it’s a fantastic opportunity to capture engaging content in front of thousands. We’ve been the graphic recorders for the conference for five years running, capturing […]

ImageThink Graphic Recording UFC talk at SXSW

April 10, 2015

The image above captures the UFC: Women Breaking Ground Inside the Octagon SXSWi talk  graphic recorded by ImageThink’s very own James Lake. James is a huge UFC fan, and among the speakers Ronda Rousey and Jessica Eye are his heroes. It was a fascinating talk and there were a lot of great quotes that were captured on the board. The key message to take away was about the cultural change that has occurred since Ronda Rousey’s notoriety. Female beauty representations shifted from sickly/emaciated to strong, healthy, and confident, and it has had a positive effect on all genders in UFC’s audience and the general […]

SXSWi 2015 Day 2 Recap

March 14, 2015

SXSWi hosts an incredible variety of speakers… Each with their own intriguing points of view. You can download the pdf of the digital editions here on Slideshare.  ImageThink is happy to be back for our 6th year at SXSW Interactive graphic recording for the keynote and featured speakers.   On March 14th, Princess Reema Bint Bandar Al Saud gave the keynote address on the mission to empowering women of Saudi Arabia, innovative chef David Chang of Momofuku gave his insights on the connection of food and tech, and UFC Women fighter Ronda Rousey talked about women breaking ground in a panel discussion!     […]

SXSW2015 Speaker Spotlight: Eric Ries, Don Tapscott, Lawrence Lessig

March 11, 2015

SXSW is fast approaching, and we couldn’t be more excited to return to Austin, Texas! Three speakers we are particularly excited about are Eric Ries, Don Tapscott, and Lawrence Lessig. Eric Ries is the author of the book, The Lean Startup. Previously, he co-founded and served as Chief Technology Officer of IMVU. In 2007, BusinessWeek named Ries one of the Best Young Entrepreneurs of Tech. He serves on the advisory board of a number of technology startups and venture capital firms. In 2008 he served as a venture advisor at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. ImageThink has previously scribed Eric Ries’ […]

5 Trends from SXSW Interactive 2014 That Will Continue in 2015

February 18, 2015

South by Southwest Interactive, the biggest tech event of the year is just around the corner. With this year’s sessions revealed, we at ImageThink were eager to dive in and check out a preview of this year’s content for the conference happening in March. In 2014, ImageThink sponsored SXSW Interactive and produced live graphic recording at over 50 sessions, including every keynote. There were key trends that emerged from 2014’s conference that are still being shared on the net today. Taking a close look at this year’s lineup, we compared notes and made our predictions of this year’s trends. 5. […]

ImageThink Graphic Recording – Best of 2014

January 29, 2015

2014 was a busy year for ImageThink. Our team of Graphic Recorders traveled across 6 countries to create visual notes at over 220 engagements. We listened to conversations, instantly recorded the key points and organized them into visual summaries. Working across diverse fields, we had the opportunity to watch top trends emerge. At public events, industry leaders discussed topics spanning from personal genomics, cyber security, to climate change and cultural diversity. We created this slideshare to reflect the biggest ideas from this year’s public conferences, not only to continue the conversation but also to create a lasting impression of what […]

SXSW V2V Wrap-Up

SXSW V2V Wrap-Up

August 22, 2013

Earlier last week we had our own Heather Willems out in Las Vegas for SXSW V2V. Amidst meeting new people and seeing the cultural and professional innovation happening worldwide, she recorded several sketchnotes (Day 1 and Day 2 + full album) at the conference while we also kept track of Twitter to visualize Tweets. Check out our past blogposts to see what that resulted in! Already looking forward to all the SXSW fun next year.