Walking It Off

May 9, 2016

When I’m not on site recording, I spend a lot of time at ImageThink HQ tending to in-house studio duties. It’s no mystery that working at a desk for an extended period that it takes a bit of a toll, since we are constrained to a seated, crouched position for a long time. So we […]

Travel Tips 2: A Look Inside A Pro Traveler’s Carry-On

April 25, 2016

Business travelers are constantly on the go, jet setting from brainstorm meeting to strategy session to conference with sometimes little time in between to recharge.  Especially during the busy seasons, it can be tricky to stay at the top of your game when jet lag, exhaustion, and the airport crazies have kicked in.  At ImageThink, […]

SXSWi 2016 Recap: Brene Brown + Amanda Enayati

April 8, 2016

Brene Brown Keynote ImageThink’s graphic recordings have made SXSW more engaging for 6 years. We have enjoyed scribing nearly 350 talks, and Brene Brown was the best keynote we have EVER heard! This year, a big theme throughout the conference was storytelling. Brene Brown went through different stages of this internal and external form of communication that truly engaged the audience. […]

ImageThinker’s Pro Wrestling Road Not Taken

January 19, 2016

Written by: James Lake, Graphic Recorder at ImageThink (@imagethink) At ImageThink’s off-site this year, Heather Willems asked me what career path I would have chosen if I wasn’t graphic recording for ImageThink: Pro Wrestler! This may come as a shock, especially to anyone that has seen me in person, but it’s true. I’ve been a fan of […]

Graphic Recording for Jerry Rice – Lysol Healthy Habits

December 22, 2015

ImageThink Enters the Wide World of Sports  All of us at ImageThink graphic recording believe in living healthy lifestyles, and we were delighted to support Lysol’s Healthy Habits Campaign. Five student athletes were selected from around the country to come together and be coached by Jerry Rice (one of the greatest wide receivers in NFL history). Our […]