Under the Influencers: Top 8 Takeaways from VMG Symposium

April 18, 2017

Influencers have proven to be valuable resources for companies around the world, but is there a strategy to finding the right digital marketing partner? Are you a small business and experiencing sticker shock when you approach an influencer? Do they even like being called influencers?  ImageThink was a proud creative partner with VMG at their recent […]

Recruiting Visualized- 5 Key Points about Company Talent

April 10, 2017

Recruiting and keeping talent are some of the most important processes at any organization… …but what happens when you hire too many “cultural fits”? How does HR “earn a seat at the table”? And what do you say to a 23 year old that thinks they should be made CEO after working at the company […]

Amex’s Top Business Traveler Trends from 2016: Illustrated

August 8, 2016

  The Global Business Travel Association… is the “world’s premiere business travel and meetings organization,” with over 7,000 members spread across six continents.  Last month, during the GBTA’s convention in Denver, CO, Amex revealed the findings of its Global Business Traveler Sentiment Index, which measured the latest business traveller trends for the business traveller community. […]

ImageThink Master Course at PPTOW WORLDZ

August 1, 2016

  ImageThink is happy to announce we will be presenting Master Course DRAW YOUR IDEAS INTO ACTION at PPTOW! WORLDZ on Aug 2-3 in LA! Bridge the gap from ideation to execution by simply picking up a pen. Quincy Jones, Kerri Walsh Jennings, Dr. Peter Diamandis, Brit Morin, Tony Hawk, Jane Rosenthal, IN-Q and George Whitesides are among […]

GISC Visual Leadership: Only Two Spots Left!

July 11, 2016

The GISC Visual Leadership workshop only has two spots left!  Held August 11-13 in beautiful Cape Cod, the workshop will give participants the visual skill sets to become stronger leaders.   The first workshop since the release of Draw Your Big Idea, the GISC Visual Leadership event is an incredibly special opportunity to gain insights and […]