Case Study: Synthesizing Feedback from CIOs

August 8, 2013

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WPC_CIO RoundTable_ImageThink_01 At the CIO Roundtable of the Microsoft Worldwide Partner conference in Toronto, ImageThink synthesized the conversation of an intimate group of Microsoft partner CIOs so that CEO Steve Ballmer could quickly respond during a live event.

The Problem

The CIO Roundtable brought together some of Microsoft’s biggest customers to discuss their most pressing concerns. The organizers needed a way to make their guests feel heard, understood and to quickly recap the content for CEO Steve Ballmer when he arrived for the second half of the meeting.

The Solution

ImageThink listened and synthesized the key ideas from topical conversations around cloud computing and consumerization that were led by Andrew McAfee. When Ballmer arrived for his portion of the event, McAfee was able to quickly report back key concepts by referencing the visual summaries, which were displayed at the front of the room. ImageThink created a third board from Ballmer’s presentation which featured a new product announcement. The digital images of the boards were sent out the next day both to Microsoft’s internal team and the CIOs who attended.

The Results:

  • There was immediate, energetic response from participants who were intrigued and engaged by the visualization process.
  • Microsoft’s key, C-level partners felt that their collective voices had been heard, creating connection and goodwill.
  • Microsoft had a refreshing, fun way to remind attendees of the discussion and the new product that was unveiled.
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